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HFOSS 2010 Summer Institute @ Wesleyan University

Who we are and what we are doing

The 2010 HFOSS Summer Institute at Wesleyan comprises five student interns, all Wesleyan students: Julian Applebaum '13, Ryan Gee '11, Jeffrey Ruberg '12, Michael Vitale '11, and Katie Wagner '12. The director is Prof. Danner, and Sam DeFabbia-Kane '11 is the Intern Supervisor.

We have two groups for this institute: Tor (Jeffrey, Michael, and Katie) and GNOME Accessibility (Julian and Ryan). The Tor group is working on Tor Weather, a notification system for Tor node operations, and Tor Status, a tool for monitoring Tor nodes and the overall network. The GNOME group is working on developing a training game for Dasher, a keyboard-free text input application.

Our schedule

Important links

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