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HFOSS Summer 2011 Institute Home

This year's HFOSS Summer Institute is distributed among five campuses, Trinity College (this site), Wesleyan University, Connecticut College, Mt. Holyoke College, St John's University, RPI.

The Trinity HFOSS Summer Institute starts May 16th, 2011 until July 22nd 2011 at Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut Campus. Our 10 interns are working on a variety of Projects, all with unique humanitarian goals.

This website serves as a point of documentation for Institute activities. Each project has its own set of pages maintained by the student developers.

2011 Portfolios

Orientation Week (May 16-20)

First week orientation consists of learning about FOSS tools and methodologies followed by team ramp-up on specific projects.


Introduction to FOSS

Summer 2011

Getting Setting Up

Collaborative Java Project

  • Week One Code Review
  • Project Assignments

Guests/Speaker/Activity Series

  • Friday 20th 2011 Daniel Krook is an IBM/Open Group Master Certified IT Specialist in the New York City area. He creates compelling, innovative, and powerful cloud computing solutions that differentiate IBM and drive its industry leadership. His current focus is on mobile clients and REST APIs for cloud resources. Prior to his work in advanced cloud technology, Mr. Krook led worldwide delivery teams to produce desktop and web sales tools for IBM according to his architectural and project managerial direction. Earlier in his career, he designed and implemented the Press Room and Investor Relations web solutions that are currently used by IBM to communicate with the public. He has won several awards that recognize his contributions to innovation at IBM.

    Daniel has over ten years experience in end-to-end application development for a wide array of industries and is certified for PHP, Java EE, BlackBerry, DB2, and Solaris. He has written several technical articles for IBM developerWorks and contributed to three IBM Redbooks. Daniel is active in the local technical community and has hosted monthly New York PHP user group meetings since 2004.

    Mr. Krook graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut with a double major in Political Science and International Studies. He possesses diverse international experience through academic study in Cuba and South Africa, dual USA-Finland/EU citizenship, and professional collaboration with colleagues in China (on site), India (on site), Brazil and Europe.

  • Every Tuesday Lunch provided by Interdisciplinary Science Program followed by Guest speaker/panels on the theme of life after college.
  • Movie night -- TBA
  • Nature Hike -- TBA
  • BBQ -- TBA
  • Beach trip -- TBA
  • LAN video game night -- TBA

and other speakers are planned....

Previous HFOSS@Trinity Institutes

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