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Tree Height Calculator Developer Workspace

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TreeHeightCalculator is an App Inventor app that calculates tree height. It was developed for Prof. Gourley's ENVS 149 course (Introduction to Environmental Science Lab) and was used this semester by ENVS students to measure trees on the Trinity campus.

The app uses the phone as a sighting instrument, using the phone's orientation center to measure the angle between horizontal and the top of the tree. It then uses simple trigonometry to calculate the tree's height.

The app downloads student data (height and length of stride) and tree data (number and name) from an online Database. The tree's height and other data gathered by the app are saved to the same database from where they can easily be downloaded and converted into a spread sheet.

Tree Height Calculator is a project of Trinity College Computer Science Department. It began during the spring 2011, using the App Inventor platform with Android phones and emulator software. The first prototype was designed and built in April, 2011.

To try the app or learn more about its development, click on the Development link.

Left - Right: Xu (Conan), Vlad, Nyi, Megan; Top: Jason


  • Nyi Min Htet '13 (Computer Science)
  • Vlad Burca '14 (Computer Science)
  • Xu Huang '14
  • Jason Baird '14
  • Megan Chiu '14


  • Professor Ralph Morelli (Computer Science Department)
  • Trishan DeLanerolle (Humanitarian-FOSS Project Director)
  • Professor Jonathan Gourley (Environmental Science Department)

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