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2010 Bergen Community College HFOSS project

About Us

Bergen Community College is located in Paramus, NJ. Our group consists of:

  • Elias Chalhoub – Computer Science
  • Constantine Cherkashyn – Network Administration
  • Steven Greco – Computer Science
  • Beth Mary Hall – Medical Informatics
  • Eric Perrotta – Database Programming & Administration
  • Roberto Ronderos – Computer Science
  • Andy Stanish – Network Administration

and the following instuctors:

  • Professor Bill Madden
  • Professor Emily Vandalovsky
  • Professor Anita Verno
  • Professor David Wang

Our Project: Free Ambulance Services Technology (FAST)

One of our members, Steven Greco, is an EMT. Part of his job is to fill out an information sheet for each call, which requires him to carry around a clunky clip board that is constantly getting in the way. Steve realized that this functionality could be replicated on an Android phone that one could easily put in one's pocket and out of the way.

Detailed Overview



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