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Welcome to the HFOSS App Inventor for Android Workspace!

App Inventor for Android is an Google beta programming tool that allows individuals with limited programming experience to create applications for Android phones. For those with programming experience, App Inventor is very similar to the animation program called Alice. App Inventor is currently under construction and is being tested by users in hopes to modify and perfect the program. In time, App Inventor can be a huge success.

If you would like to learn more about Google's App Inventor please visit for more information.

Our goal is to work with secondary school teachers in hopes of bringing App Inventor into classrooms in order to make Computer Science more accessible to K-12 students with no prior Computer Science experience.

HFOSS's App Inventor for Android Project

Stuff We Built

Getting Started with Google's App Inventor

Summer 2010 Workspace

Fall 2010 Workspace

Spring 2011 Workspace

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