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Android Mobile Projects

  • Portable Open Search and Identification Tool (POSIT) is a mobile application developed on Google Android phone platform to assist emergency workers and field researchers.

  • ACDI/VOCA Mobile App is a mobile Android app for ACDI/VOCA, an international humanitarian aid organization working in Haiti.
    • March fact-finding visit to Haiti
    • Summer Objectives
      • A POSIT/SMS instance implemented in the POSIT plugin architecture.
      • Java-based SMS server and Java server-side utility programs.
      • Documentation and training materials.
      • Haiti deployment and training visit: June/July.

  • Sahana Mobile is a mobile application that will interfaces with the Sahana system.
    • Summer Objectives
      • A POSIT instance implemented in the POSIT plugin architecture.

App Inventor Projects

  • Work it Off! is an App Inventor app for teaching kids about eating and exercise.

  • Tree Height Calculator is an App Inventor app for assisting environmental scientists.
    • TreeCalc project website
    • Summer Objectives
      • Build a password protected database.
      • Incorporate tree mapping and other improvements.
      • Develop marketing materials and release for distribution.

  • ACDI/VOCA App Inventor apps
    • Mobile rain gauge reading tool.
    • Mobile commodity monitoring tool.

  • Trinity Mobile Campus Map and Guide
    • Build out prototypes developed in CPSC 110.
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