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Download and Install Tree Height Calculator(Version0_5)

From a zip file: Go to Development and download the zip.file. In order to upload the file onto your Android phone, you need to first create an account on Google account, log in and click "App Inventor for Android" button. Then you can press "More Actions" the upper left corner of the page and select "Upload Source" to upload the zip.file.

From a URL: Navigate your phone's browser to File:TreeHeightCalculatorV0 5.apk and download the apk file.

From a barcode: Go to Development and point the Barcode Scanner from your mobile phone at the barcode.

Tree Height Calculator App Walkthrough

Pick Course-Gourley from the list of courses
Main user interface

You will see "Initializing DBs...Please wait" for the first time launching the Tree Height Calculator app. If your Android phone is connected via WiFi, the app goes online and downloads information from an online database. Take a minute, sip some coffee and relax.

When your phone successfully finished downloading process, the app prompts you to pick a course. Tap the button. Then select “course-gourley” as shown on the left. The app then pulls down information directly related to Course-Gourley.

The snapshot on the right shows the main user interface where you interact with the app. The interface consists of two parts: Student Information and Tree Information. Notice that “Upload All Data” button is currently in gray. It will be activated once the app calculates the first tree height.

A list of students pops out after you hit “Pick a student” button. Pick a student name from the list. The app automatically uploads the selected student's height and stride length and display them on the user interface.

Likewise, press “Select Tree” button, then select a certain type of tree with a number tag. In this case we chose 606 for Sweet Gum.

The calculated result
All fields are required

Next, type in tree's circumference and distance (paces) measurements. The keyboard is invoked when you press the textbox highlighted in orange.

The app directs you to this screen when you hit “Click to measure” button. In order to get accurate measurement of inclination, you have to line up your eye, the phone screen with the top of the tree. (Check Field Tests for more information) Then tap on the screen gently to record the measurement.

Once every piece of data is there, you can tap “Calculate Height”. Otherwise, the app will inform you with a short notice “All fields are required”.

Here is the result page with computed tree height and other data. You may choose to save data by clicking “Save Data” if the result is correct. After saving, click “ New Tree” to calculate the next tree height on your list. Otherwise, you opt for “Redo Tree” to make necessary changes.

Go back to the main user interface. The Tree Height Calculator allows you to upload data. Click “ Upload All Data” to sync the data saved on your phone with an online database. No message is supposed to appear telling you that the data has been successfully uploaded to the database. You have to check it out manually on your own by visiting Enjoy!

How to create you own web database

Input Data(Download Data)

Tag Value Example
Course [course-prof1, course-prof2, ......] [course-gourley, course-morelli]
course-prof1 [student1_username, student2_username, .....] [jbird, nbagat]
student1_username [first name, last name, height, stride] [john, bird, 1.8, 1.2]
tree [tree1-treeCode,tree2-treeCode,.....] [tree-123,tree345,tree234]
tree--treeCode "common tree name" "red maple"

Output Data(Upload Data)

Tag Value Example
datum-studentUsername-num* "treeCode, treeCommonName, year, studentUsername, stride, numberOfPacesFromTree, angle, diameter, circumstance, treeHeight" "619,Columnar Sugar Maple,2011,rswetz,1.43,20,32.0,19.42675,61,19.64126"

num is the randomly generated number in order to prevent data overwriting.

This app uses the free online database created on the Google App Engine. Detailed instructions on how to create you own database can be viewed here.

Once you created your own database, you should feed in your data into your database as the following:

Storing student data
Under "Store a tag-value pair in the database", put student name as Tag and "[first name, last name, height(m), stride(m)]" as value. You must include the "[]" as mentioned.
For example:
Tag : John
Value : [John, Elton, 1.84, 1.04]

Storing Tree Data
Under "Store a tag-value pair in the database", put desired tree name as Tag and "tree name" as value. Don't forget to put double quote around the value you put into the Value box. For example:
Tag : Tree-021
Value : "Maple"

Creating a Course
Under "Store a tag-value pair in the database", put desired course name in the format "course-coursename" as Tag and a list of student tag names as value. For example:
Let's say you already entered three students with tag name 'john', 'bob', 'david' into the database. Then your course will be
Tag: course-envs101
Value: [john,bob,david]

Creating tree list can be done similar to the Creating a Course.

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