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Official Request

Help track the overall Tor Network status
Priority: Medium to High
Effort Level: Medium
Skill Level: Medium
Likely Mentors: Karsten, Roger
It would be great to set up an automated system for tracking network health over time, graphing it, etc. Part of this project would involve inventing better metrics for assessing network health and growth. Is the average uptime of the network increasing? How many relays are qualifying for Guard status this month compared to last month? What's the turnover in terms of new relays showing up and relays shutting off? Periodically people collect brief snapshots, but where it gets really interesting is when we start tracking data points over time. Data could be collected from the Tor Network Scanners in TorFlow, from the server descriptors that each relay publishes, and from other sources. Results over time could be integrated into one of the Tor Status web pages, or be kept separate. Speaking of the Tor Status pages, take a look at Roger's Tor Status wish list.

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