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Background: Sahana and HFOSS

  • Sahana is a free and open source (FOSS) disaster management system that was created by a group of volunteer programmers in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the 2004/5 Asian Tsunami.
  • The HFOSS Project (Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Project) is an effort to get undergraduates engaged in building FOSS that serves the public good. It is funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • Sahana and HFOSS have worked together since 2006. HFOSS students from Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Connecticut College built Sahana's volunteer management (VM) module. As described in these blog posts, during the 2008 earthquake in Chengdu China, HFOSS students internationalized the VM module and helped translate it into Chinese.

Sahana in Pakistan

  • The Sahana Eden community is responding to the disaster in Pakistan together with the Rotarian society in Pakistan. Their Pakistan WIKI describes their activities and provides a summary of volunteer help that is needed.
  • Sahana is live online on the freenode #sahana IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel where you can chat with the community. You can access this channel through the web on

Developer Resources

  • If you have skills in Python, JavaScript (jQuery, Ext &/or OpenLayers) or CSS then you're most welcome to help with code.

Sahana Eden (Web2Py)

(Beginner's Introduction)

Eclipse for Python development

Engaging with the Sahana community

  • Join the Sahana developer's discussion lists and introduce yourself:
  • Join IRC Chat on Freenode: #Sahana, #Sahana-Eden, #Sahana-GIS
  • Report and fix bugs:
  • Get support from the Sahana Community Development Committee - - which supports our relationship with academic institutions and internship programs.

Bug Report Template

When reporting a bug on Trac, copy and paste and edit this sample bug report.

System Tested: UAT

Release Version: Sahana r603 (2010-01-24 13:02:53)
(Look for this in the System's About menu.)

Browser:   Firefox 3.5, Windows XP

Prerequisites: User should be logged in to the system.

1) Click ‘Volunteers’.
2) Click ‘Projects’.
3) Select a project location.
4) Click 'Search'.

Expected Result:
    Projects at that location should be listed.

Actual Result:
    No projects listed even though there are projects at that location.
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