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Rain Check is an Android phone app developed on App Inventor created to help people keep track of rainfall in different areas. However, with a little tweaking, it can be used to track any periodical measurements at various locations.


The app requires users to login when they first launch it. Each phone has a unique password that the user can change as long as they know the old password (which starts out as "haiti" - notice it's all lower case). Once they enter it, they're directed to the app's main page. As they login, the app checks to see what the nearest listed location is, which it automatically selects. The app will also detect the nearest location if the user clicks the detect nearest location button.


From this page, users can choose a site from the list and then enter a rain depth to correspond to that depth. The app automatically saves the date unless the user decides to enter it manually. The user can also delete any entry they've made (but not uploaded) or, if using the SMS version of the app (shown above), change the target phone number for the data, and finally can upload all saved data to the stored phone number. Admins can also add new locations to the list.

Here's the APK for the latest version of RainCheck: File:RainCheckSMS.apk


The database for the web version is here, but only approved users can enter. If you want access, please post a Google Accounts name and a reason you want to be included on the tab of this page

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