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Inception of an Idea

FAST first began when a group of students that came together at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey under the HFOSS Organization. They wanted to create an Android application that would be beneficial to humanity and would make good use of an Android phone's capability. One of our members, Steven Greco, is an EMT. Part of his job is to fill out an information sheet for each call, which requires him to carry around a clunky clip board that is constantly getting in the way during medical emergencies. Steve realized that this functionality could be replicated on an Android phone that one could easily put in one's pocket and out of the way. The group converted the Patient Evaluation Form used by EMS personnel into an Android App.


FAST would be beneficial to E.M.T.'s for the following reasons:

1. A phone is a much needed replacement to the big clunky clipboards that E.M.T.s must carry around on every ambulance call.

2. The App is designed for ease of use and efficiency. Therefore, it will speed up the medical recording process during a time in which time is of the essence.

3. The App will be able to produce a more legible document.

4. After further production, the app will be able to submit the medical information of the patient to the receiving hospital prior to the patient's arrival.

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