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Starting from June 16, 2010, we officially switched to Mercurial for POSIT's source code management (SCM) system (or, code repository).

Distributed Version Control (DVCS) provides a better workflow for inherently distributed projects like POSIT. A developer can easily clone a project and create a new version to work with. The developer gets a local repository to work with and can keep changes around without pushing back to the central repository. Code can be pushed back to the repository whenever the developer feels comfortable doing so. See here for Google's detailed analysis for their decision to support Mercurial for Distributed Version Control System: [1].

If you are unfamiliar with Mercurial, have a look at these tutorials: [2] and [3]. If you are already familiar and just want to know about POSIT work flow, jump right to POSIT repository.


Mercurial Clients


Most Linux distributions come with hg in their package repositories.

# Debian/ubuntu
$ apt-get install mercurial
# Fedora
$ yum install mercurial
# Gentoo
$ emerge mercurial
# OpenSolaris
$ pkg install SUNWmercurial


TortoiseHg is pretty good client for Windows.


There's a version of mercurial client for OSX, check the downloads for your specific version http://mercurial.selenic.com/downloads/

Eclipse Plugin

The current home of Mercurial Eclipse plugin is http://javaforge.com/project/HGE.

You can get the plugin easily using the Eclipse Update Manager, just click Help → Software Updates in Eclipse. The Eclipse Update Site for MercurialEclipse is available at this URL: http://cbes.javaforge.com/update Select the MercurialEclipse as shown in the screenshot


Cloning POSIT for your own use

These instructions should work for contributors (i.e., those who can pull from the Google repository but who cannot push). Contributions should be submitted by making a patch and posting it on the issues list. Someone with commit privileges will review the patch and, if acceptable, push the changes to the repository.

Committers would need to provide their username and password in the form below.

In Mercurial:

 hg clone https://code.google.com/p/posit-mobile.plugin/ 

In Eclipse:

  New > Other > Mercurial > Clone Existing Mercurial Repository and Click Next

Mercurial Clone Repository Wizard Input Form:

> URL: https://code.google.com/p/posit-mobile.plugin
> Username: You can leave blank
> Password:  You can leave blank
> Clone directory name:  Make up a name for you local directory -- e.g., positx
> Click Next Button

Select Working Directory Revision

> Select test_branch (not the default)

Change the project name if prompted and click Finish

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