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POSIT Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce you to the POSIT interface.

You may skip ahead and register your device or continue to learn more about using POSIT.

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Welcome to POSIT!

POSIT is a search and identification tool that allows users to catalog finds on their Android phones and synchronize them with a central server.

What is a "find"?

A "find" is anything - from an invasive species to a supermarket product - that a user has located and would like to catalog using POSIT.

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Adding Finds

Once you have located the find that you'd like to catalog, touch the "Add Find" button on the POSIT home screen. Next, simply touch the text-input box that reads "title" and enter a title. You may enter a description in the same manner. In addition, POSIT will automatically capture GPS data for your find.

To record an image of your find, simply touch the camera button, position your phone accordingly, and click the capture button. If you are satisfied, touch the "Okay" button to proceed; otherwise, you may retake your photo by touching the "Retake" button.

Touching the save button will save your find and synch it with your database.

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Viewing Finds

If you'd like to view your finds, touch the "View Finds" button on the POSIT home screen. To view a find, simply touch it in the list - now you can continue to view or further edit your find.

You may also view your finds on a map according to their automatically recorded GPS positions. Simply press your Android phone's menu button to open the widget drawer and touch the map button. You may use the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons at the bottom of your screen to adjust the map.

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But, before you begin, you must register for a project account with our server. If you already have an account, you may skip ahead and log in.


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