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The goals of POSIT are very similar to those of ODK Collect, a utility in Gaetano Borriello's Open Data Kit on which he worked in collaboration with Google. The following are links regarding ODK Collect and ODK that POSIT developers may find interesting. If you wish to install ODK Collect on your Android phone, it is available for download from the Android App Market.

  • Open Data Kit - Project home on Google Code.
  • ODK Build - A graphical interface to generate custom ODK Collect forms as .xml documents.
  • ODKAggregate - A tutorial on how to import custom forms into ODK Collect on your Android phone.
  • XForms - A tutorial on how to build XForms for Javarosa.


Refactoring POSIT using ODK

  • Make ODK collect look like POSIT, write forms for POSIT data
  • Use ODK Aggregate for backend server


  • Use existing POSIT code integrated into ODK Collect and Aggregate?
  • Use ODK Manage (still in early stages of development, uses SMS)

Ad Hoc?

  • Use existing POSIT code
  • No ad hoc support in ODK?

Coverage Tracker?

  • OpenStreet maps
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