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How to Generate a Signed Android Application Package for download or upload to Android Market

If you are ready to distribute your application to users, you will want to generate a apk file that can be downloaded and installed on android devices. These APK files should be signed with a certificate.

The Android system requires that all installed applications be digitally signed with a certificate whose private key is held by the application's developer. The Android system uses the certificate as a means of identifying the author of an application and establishing trust relationships between applications.

Visit "Signing Your Applications |Android Developers" for additional details about signing.

Below are steps to Generate a signed APK file that you can distribute to users directly from Eclipse.

These steps assume you have installed the Android plugin for Eclipse.

If you haven't already done so, you need to first generate a private key certificate that you will associate with your application, for the life span of the application. As you release updates to your application, you will want to continue to sign the updates with the same certificate or set of certificates, if you want users to upgrade seamlessly to the new version.

1. Generate your Certificate that you will use to sign your APK file.

  • You can use the KeyTool Application, available as an Eclipse plugin to generate and manage your keystore.

2. Go to Android Tools --> Export Signed Android Application Package and follow the directions to generate your Signed APK file.

3. Test the new APK file and distribute to users.

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