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To read about Moniker, please visit the About page.


To download Moniker, and all of other necessary files needed to run the app, please click on the Downloads page.

Moniker App Walkthrough

Admin Setup

Before users start using Moniker, the admin needs to set up the proper working environment. There is a single command that he or she needs to run that will do all of the necessary actions. Examples of these include making the camera folders, the animal folders, zipping up all the unsorted photos, and writing a list of all existing .zip files in the current directory. In addition, the admin will also need to make sure that all the proper text files (animals.txt, picList.txt, testlog.txt, and zipList.txt) are located in the same director as the PHP server.

To run the admin command, copy the follow URL address into your internet browser. Note that the most important part of the address the "cmd=admin" part, because that is what tells the server to run the admin command.

Now, the user will be able to run Moniker.

Settings Screen

The Settings screen is where the user will be able to download .zip files containing unsorted animal photos. The user will then be prompted to enter the address to the directory where all the .zip files are located. After pressing the "Download & Save" button, Moniker will do two things--save the address for later use, and then open up a list picker, containing all the existing .zip files in the directory that the user specified. Once a .zip file has been chosen, Moniker will open up an external application called FileDownloader.

Settings Screen


FileDownloader is an application that will download and unzip a .zip file, if given a direct download link to the file. FileDownloader will also extract the file names of all of the photos contained in the downloaded .zip file and pass them back to Moniker.

FileDownloader Screen

Sort Screen

The Sort screen is where the user can sort the photos, by associating a species and number to each photo. One of the efficient things about Moniker is that it will automatically pull up the first photo from the downloaded file. After choosing a species and a number, the user can then store the information, at that point, Moniker will pull up the next photo.

*The app can now deal with multiple species in a single photo

Sort Screen

*Note that when the user turns the phone sideways, the photo will turn into full screen.

Upload Saved Information

Pressing the "Upload Save" button will send all of the saved information as strings to the server. Moniker uses a WiFi connection to send the strings to the server--these strings contain the file name, species, a number, and a specified command. When this information reaches the server, the server will, given the specified command, move those photos into the appropriate animal folders.

The upload saved action can be performed by simply pressing the "Upload Saved" button on the Sort Screen.

View/ Edit Saved Photos

The user can also choose to view an individually saved photo, by pressing the "View Saved" button. This will lead the user to another screen, where he or she can either edit the species or number, or simply remove the sorted photo.

View/Edit Saved Screen
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