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Moniker (Java)

This is the newest version of Moniker! It doesn't connect to a server; to sort photos, drop any number of photos into the Downloads photo on your Android device and Moniker will walk you through the rest. Please note that this is an alpha; I'm on the hunt for bugs. If you find any, please email me at

QR Code

Using a barcode scanner on your Android phone, scan this barcode to download Moniker.

File: QRCodeAlpha.png

APK File


To install Moniker directly on your mobile device, make sure that your mobile device is in the "USB Mass Storage" mode and then copy the apk file onto your SD card.

Java Server


This program pulls sorted photos from your android device to your computer. To pull all sorted photos, download and launch Moniker.jar on your computer, ensure that your computer and android device are on the same wifi network, then tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the Moniker android app and tap "Transfer to Computer," then follow the instructions on-screen.

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