June 8, 2010

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Creating the Animal App: part 3

  • Today's files will all be called Animals.
  • We did away with the generator from yesterday and are trying to employ a simpler method since the previous one was faulty by cause of something in the generator.
  • We are using simply if statements to make the pictures toggle that are triggered by the next button.
  • The biggest challenge will be changing the logic so that the correct answer will be stored depending on what picture is displayed.
  • We fixed the logic problem by using various ifelse statements within an if statement that was triggered by the submit button.
  • Everything is quite copacetic! It’s great work for a first app. The logic works in so that the correct answer display corresponds with the picture.
  • Mystical Problem: Upon re-opening the application, the radio buttons have mysteriously disappeared. Everything else remains intact…. I’m not sure what is at the bottom of this Scooby-doo mystery. Perhaps a bug?
  • Next Up: making a Trinity oriented map. One that you can touch and the building you are at will show up along with a fun fact about where you are.

Daily Summary

  • Today was spent developing the Animal App further.
  • We finished the application!!!
  • Progress: the wave of the future!

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