June 15, 2010

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We a currently awaiting the arrival of Dean Fraden who will be arriving at 11 A.M. At that time we will begin our presentation of AppInventor to the Dean including our Trinity Tour Application.


Dean Success!

Dean Fraden was very impressed with all of the work and progress made with the H-FOSS team! All is well!

Advanced Tutorial Apps

  • Today, most of our time was spent reading about how to get App Inventor to control and communicate with other web programs and doing tutorials involving Twitter and Activity Starter.
  • Unfortunately, App Inventor is limited in it's ability to communicate with other web programs. It can only send and receive information from Twitter... and not any other API's.
  • I was able to pretty easily get to Google Maps displaying the location of 300 Summit st. by following a brief tutorial for the "Activity starter" component in App Inventor. Unfortunately... The App starter does a great job of taking you to another app and sending some concise information to google maps... but once I'm in google maps... I am no longer in my original application.... I suppose that is why it's befittingly called... activity STARTER..... :(


  • While I was focused on learning how to effectively send and receive information from outside sources and databases, Pauline was making progress on the GPS feature.
  • She was able to allow the phone to recognize the phone's location was in MCEC and move a dot to a location on the screen upon clicking a "find me" button!!!
  • This method is quite tedious and laborious, but it seems to work so far...
  • I've been trying to find a way to use Google Maps with the current application... but no progress on that so far...

Daily Summary

  • Today we took some big steps towards advancing our previous Trinity Tour application! We have found some possible methods to use to add a GPS feature. It is not ideal, but it seems to work so far... so perhaps we should stick to what we know works???
  • For the future, I will read up more on the "tinywebdb" component on App Inventor in the hopes of using it to store longitude and latitude coordinates, and we will accumulate more data of coordinate values around campus.

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