July 9, 2010

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Starting the Math Mall Application

  • It seems our team resources have been divided as such, I'm working on the Database and Activity starter portion

Pauline is creating the "Home Base" of our application (minus database and act. starter capabilities) and the Teachers are working on content for the applications and learning/understanding what we're coding.

  • DATABASE SUCCESS!!!! I was FINALLY able to successfully able to create a complex web database infastructure that uses more than one value via a split method.
  • The database is set to store our Mall Bucks AND points. We now have code to allow us to call, store, display, and alter the various values in the database! So we're set with that, it's just a matter of integration.
  • Pauline is integrating my code with her code. Basically adding the database capabilities into the login area.
  • Next I'll figure out how to effectively send the database tag value between applications using activity starter...
  • And once we have the Home Base done, by Monday at the latest hopefully...we will begin working on the Candy Store and Graffiti applications.

Up Next for Monday

  • Finish Home Base application
  • Create CONCRETE mock-up of the Candy Store and Graffiti applications
  • Begin actually creating the applications
  • Work on documentation of Home Base app.

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