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To see a screen cast walkthrough for the Haiti Commodity Collector app, please visit this link.

The Haiti Commodity Collector is an App Inventor app that allows the users (agronomists) to track the prices of commodities among various market sites in Haiti. The data that these people gather come from three different samples, which will then be used to plan humanitarian food assistance during crisis response and in general.

When the app first starts up, it gives the user the option of using the app in English or French (user will also be able to go back and change the language if necessary). After, the user will then be redirected to another screen, where he or she will be given three main options: Record Data, Add/ Delete Sites or Items, and Upload Data to Web DB.

To learn more about each option, go to the users page, under the App Walkthrough section.

Once the user has finished recording commodity data, he or she can then access the DB (if they have permission), and download the database entries via a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.

**The Haiti Commodity Collector app was developed for ACDI/VOCA, a humanitarian organization that works in Haiti. The main part of the code for this app was developed during a two-day weekend (June 4th- June 5th, 2011) for this proposed RHoK project. Other minor additions were made as well, during the following week.

If you would like to learn more about the Haiti Commodity Collector and its development, please click on the Development link.

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