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This page will be used to address problems/issues that may occur while using AppInventor. If it is a problem/issue that we cannot solve on our own it should reported to Google.

  • Always Initialize the application in some way!!!! An example would be simply having code that says "when screen1 initializes" "initialize canvas" or "set text to ___" Whatever it is... and it will mostly likely be redundant.. but in our experience, if you don't do this, then the program will "stop unexpectedly."
  • BACK UP YOUR WORK on your computer!!!! the .zip file is more important than the app on your phone, so please be sure to download your application EVERY time before you log off of App Inventor to prevent loss of you hard work. I learned the hard way.
  • You can only call to retrieve a value from the database once in a program. Therefore, if you need to retrieve two types of values like calories, and user information (as in our Work It Off app) I would advise creating a second web database to eliminate this issue which will confuse the program and terminate it's functionality otherwise.
  • You can highlight the block you want to delete and press "backspace" instead of dragging it to the garbage can!!! Hooray!
  • If the code goes off the screen it will still run the code in the application, but you cannot scroll down to see it.

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