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Every obtainable goal should have a plan, therefore with the help of our administrators we have established a project timeline that will help keep our group on task for the summer. This timeline is subject to change at any time but we are hoping to have a solid timeline by July 2010. If you are interested in viewing our daily log please visit: Our Daily Log


General Project Overview

Phase 1

Master App Inventor to teach the teachers and effectively evaluate the platform.

Phase 2

Teach the Teachers and create exciting classroom oriented apps. Explore the Possibilities.

Phase 3

    • Present our project at various venues and efficiently document our summer for future development.
    • provide supplementary App Inventor learning materials for the students (which when combined with Google's App Inventor Manual and our documentation should provide an open source textbook).
    • Evaluate the App Inventor platform and gauge the possibilities of App Inventor accordingly.

Current Timeline from Now until August 6th

*By Friday 7/16 - have the Candy Store and Graffiti applications finished.

*By Friday 7/23 - have the Pet Store and Zork applications completed (although they can be compromised if necessary)

*7/26 - 7/27 = App Clean-up. We will be combining our Home Base to the other applications and making sure things run co-hesively.

*7/28 - 7/29 = Presentation Preparation!

*7/30 = Final Project Presentations

*7/31 = Teachers Conference Presentation from ~noon to 2pm

*8/2 - 8/6 = DOCUMENTATION

Week 1:

  • Introduction to AppInventor and learning the basics

Week 2:

  • By Tuesday, make our first application using AppInventor
  • Begin working on an application that will impress Dean Fraden
  • Work on developing our AppInventor Wiki

Week 3:

  • Have application to show Dean Fraden finished
  • Dean Fraden visits on us on Tuesday June 15, 2010
  • Begin working on the tutorial for the secondary teachers

Week 4:

  • Finish preparing for teaching secondary school teachers

Week 5:

  • Secondary school teachers visit us on Monday June 28, 2010
  • Teach secondary school teachers how to use AppInventor

Week 6:

  • Secondary school teachers begin creating their own applications for classroom use

Week 7:

  • Begin planning and building humanitarian application(s)

Week 8:

  • Continue working on humanitarian application(s)

Week 9:

  • Assess how the project can grow and if/how AppInventor can be applied to the classroom
  • Gather documentation to be used for grant applications
  • App Inventor Presentation!

Week 10:

  • Wrap up everything and prepare the project for further development
  • Documentation clean-up

To see updates on our daily progress please visit Our Daily Log

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