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About the "I'll Write That App For You" Program

Trinity College and the Greater Hartford Academy of Mathematics and Science offered 10 students the opportunity to participate in an exclusive free program to learn how to build your own applications for Android phones. The program met twice a week (Wed 4 -6pm and Sat 11am-1pm) for four weeks and culminated with a showcase to demonstrate the students' creations.  The program ran out of the Trinfo.Cafè (, Trinity’s community technology center across the street from the Learning Corridor, and was taught by a computer science student from the Humanitarian Free Open Source Software (HFOSS) project (

“I’ll Write That App for You” October -November 2010 Program Timeline

Session 1 – Oct. 27th:

  • First Hour: Opening/Information Session (Q & A, discuss time line, app demonstration)
  • Second Hour: Getting Started (group assignments, email accounts, resource materials, begin App Inventor)

Session 2 – Oct. 30th:

  • App Inventor components and blocks editor (Hello Purr)
  • Creating your first application (Map of School)
  • Installing your application on your phone
  • Final Project Proposal Assignment (Due Nov. 1st)

Session 3 – Nov. 3rd:

  • Finish Map of School applications
  • Discuss final project proposals

Session 4 – Nov. 6th:

  • Begin final project

Session 5 – Nov. 10th:

  • Continue working on final project

Session 6 – Nov. 13th:

  • Continue working on final project

Session 7 – Nov. 17th:

  • Finalize project
  • Install finalized version of project on the Android phone

Session 8 – Nov. 20th:

  • Final Project Due
  • Final Project Showcase and Celebration (Note: Parent attendance is mandatory)


Program Cover Letter

Below is the cover letter that was distributed to students along with the program application. The cover letter provides students and their parents/guardians with an abstract of the "I'll Write That App For You" and the program schedule.

Program Application

Below is the application that students completed in order to be considered for the program.

Resource List

Below is the list of resources that were handed out to the students during the first session. Students were encouraged to review this in preparation for creating their first application.

Final Project Proposal

Below is the final project proposal assignment. Students were given this assignment at the end of the 2nd session.

Feedback & Evaluation Form

Below is the form that was used for the students to anonymously submit their feedback on the program. This was distributed at the end of the final session.

October-November 2010 Projects

Click the link below to view the students' work.

Final Projects

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