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Work in Progress

The two teachers, Betsy and Chinma, have been working together to create a course curriculum that will be implemented in their high school classrooms. Our goal is to expose high students (i.e. CS zero students) to Computer Science using App Inventor. The App Inventor curriculum should excite the students and therefore encourage them to continue studying Computer Science. We hope that this curriculum will become the catalyst that spurs students to attend college and major in Computer Science.

Curriculum Overview:


Lesson 1 - Getting Started:


Lesson 2 - Component Design: Screen layout


Lesson 3 - The Block Editor: Making things work


Lesson 4 - Packaging and Running Programs

Lesson 5 - Tutorial #1 - Hello Purr

Lesson 6 - Tutorial #2 - Whack a Mole

Lesson 7 - Tutorial #3 - Animal

Lesson 8 - Place Holder

Lesson 9 thru 14 - Multiple Apps under one Umbrella - Mall Madness

THIS LESSON PLAN IS NOT COMPLETED - File:LessonPlan9 MallMaddnessv6.doc

Pre-existing AIA Curriculum From Wellesley College

While doing background research we discovered that 11 colleges/universities and 1 high school had already implemented App Inventor into their curriculum during Fall 2009 as a pilot program. We were lucky enough to get in touch with Eni Mustafaraj, a visiting scientist at Wellesley. She was one of the individuals responsible for creating the lesson plans for Wellesley's AIA course. She generously gave us the website that the materials could be found on. These materials include plans for class labs and homeworks. Unfortunately, the applications/projects included in these lesson plans only work in the old App Inventor. However, we feel that the concepts can be taken and implemented into the new App Inventor curriculum plan.

Here are the sites:



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