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CPSC 110-08 - Computing With Mobile Phones

Course Description

App Inventor for Android is a new open source programming language for Android smart phones. App Inventor is a visual language that enables novice programmers to create powerful mobile applications that interact with the web and with other phones. In this course, students will learn how to access the world of mobile services and applications as creators, not just consumers. They will learn to create entertaining and socially useful apps that can be shared with friends and family. In addition to learning to program and how to become better problem solvers, students will also explore the exciting world of computer science from the perspective of mobile computing and its increasingly important effect on society.

Course Website

Please visit the course website: CPSC 110-08 Course Website

Student Portfolios

Each of the students in the course were required to keep a portfolio of their work using Google Sites. Please click the link below for a list of the students' portfolios:
CPSC 110-08 Student Porfolios

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