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Many of the necessary things to know are already documented by Google. Therefore, we have provided you with the appropriate links to their pages.


Setting Up Your Computer and Phone

Click this link to find more information on how to set up your computer and your phone for AppInventor use.

Setting Up A Google Account On Your Phone

Click this link to find more information on how to set up a Google account your phone. A Google account is necessary for AppInventor access and although you may upload applications to your phone using .apk files, having a Google account will also allow you to scan a bar code with your phone that allows you to install the application directly to your phone with one click.

Connecting Your Phone To The Computer

Click this link and scroll down to the Connect The Phone To The Computer section to find more information on how to connect your phone to your computer for real-time updates while creating an application in AppInventor.

App Inventor Extras

App Inventor has a very useful folder called App Inventor Extras. The folder is necessary for using things such as the emulator. Download the file now because you will need it later. Simply go to Follow the instructions and download the folder. If you are not sure how to download the folder follow these instructions:

1. Click "Installer Software"

2. You will be prompted to Save or Open the file do so and wait for the file to download (this may take a few minutes)

3. When the download is complete open the file and the setup wizard will appear. Follow the instructions clicking agree and next until you get to finish. DO NOT CHANGE THE LOCATION OF THE FILE! It must stay on your C: drive.

4. After you have finished the setup wizard the installation is complete and the App Inventor Extras folder is now on your computer.

Now that your computer and phone are ready to go, it's time to learn the basics.

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