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Our group consists of:
  • Two young ladies that are currently Trinity College students, Nina Limardo and Pauline Lake
  • Two High School Teachers: Chinma Uche (from the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science) and Elizabeth Tamotsu (from Francis T. Maloney High School)
  • Two Fearless Leaders: Ralph Morelli and Trishan de Lanerolle.

   * Nina Limardo says: 


"Hello H-FOSS team and visitors! I am currently a senior Theater and Dance major with a minor in Music. I took a class on Humanitarian Computer Programming because I thought I might enjoy it, and was astounded by how intriguing I found it. Therefore, here I am, proud to be a member of the H-FOSS team! I'm excited to work and learn more with FOSS. I hope to merge Theater and Computer Programming through means of Interactive Media for my thesis. I only wish I would have discovered my passion for Computer Science sooner!!! I look forward to meeting everyone!"

   * Pauline Lake says: 


"Hello everyone! I am currently a sophomore with an intended double major in both Computer Science and Educational Studies. I am also a proud Posse Scholar and proud member of Trinity Posse 1 (Chicago). I was psyched about being apart of H-Foss when I applied, but when I learned during my interview that there was also an educational component to the particular project I would be working on, I was hooked! I knew that this would be a great opportunity. I am happy to spend my summer working with such a great network of students for a great cause."

   *Chinma Uche says:


"It was with great excitement that I latched on the opportunity to work with App Inventor and join HFOSS; a team of talented and self motivated individuals who want to make a difference in the community. App Inventor would be of immense value in motivating students in the study of Computer Science through visual programming and the production of mobile phone apps. I believe that App Inventor will excite students to use their skills to be creative and innovative. It has been a busy and most enjoyable summer."

   *Elizabeth Tamotsu says:


"Hi there. I am a high school teacher at Francis T. Maloney High School. I teach Math, Computer Science and advise the Maloney programming club. I think that the skill set of a 21st century student should include computer science. I like teaching computer science because my students really have fun with the course and they learn a lot too. I'm a member of the Connecticut branch of the CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association). When the H-FOSS team came to one of our meetings and described their project I was excited. Introducing students to programming using SmartPhones sounded like fun. I asked some of my students what they thought, and they were very keen on me participating in the project. I'm having a lot of fun working with such a great team of students and teachers. It is a great cause! And hey, call me Betsy."

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