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File:AlbatrOSS Logo.jpg

AlbatrOSS is an app for keeping track of friends and locations. Users first input their name, and are then able to track other people using the app, mark a location and navigate to it later, and register phone numbers, then call or text groups of them.

File:AlbatrOSS Home.jpg

This is the home screen of the AlbatrOSS app. On some phones with small screens, the name entry box and button are off the bottom edge of the screen. On these phones, all the user has to do is tap the AlbatrOSS logo to make it disappear.

File:AlbatrOSS Name.jpg

Once users enter a name, they are presented with three choices: Track Objects, which remembers a location or navigates back to it later, Text or Call Friends, which does exactly what it says, and Track Friends, which allows the user to get directions to the locations of other users of the app. There's also a button for changing your name.

File:AlbatrOSS Main.jpg

The first option's screen is simplistic, showing the user's current location and a remembered one, with the ability to store remember the current location and to get directions from the current to the remembered location. The AlbatrOSS logo in the top-right is also a back button, and is labeled as such.

File:AlbatrOSS Tracking.jpg

The second option pulls up a nest of eggs, each of which is an option.

File:AlbatrOSS Texting.jpg

Tapping one of these will open up a submenu and allow the user to do whatever the egg says.

File: AlbatrOSS Map.jpg

The final menu is the ability to find where friends are at. Use requires an internet connection, and if you have the app running and connected to the internet, other people will be able to use this app to track you. When you click the "find a friend" compass near the top, the app will pull up a list of all the online users' names (the same ones they entered at the beginnning), and if you select one, the app will pull up Google Maps and give you directions to the selected user's last-loaded location. In the bottom-left corner, there's a Refresh button that will get you an updated list of online users, and in the bottom-right corner, there's a Back button for returning to the original screen.

The name AlbatrOSS was chosen late in the development of the app. Many apps are named after animals, and we were running through various animal names to see if any fit. Eventually we started thinking about which animals have a great sense of direction and ability to find things from far away, and one of us suggested the albatross. This was pretty fortuitous; the word Albatross includes OSS, which stands for Open Source Software, which is what our program is all about.

Here's a video of the AlbatrOSS app working [1].

Albatross's App Inventor source code: And the APK: File:AlbatrOSS.apk.


The web database for this app is here, but only certain users will be able to enter. If you want access, please post a Google Accounts name and a reason you'd like access on the tab of this page.

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